Every year, the International Noise Awareness Day Campaign (INAD Brazil) brings a theme and a slogan to highlight the impacts of noise in daily life, emphasizing the damages and precautions related to a specific aspect. In 2023, the theme is about the effects of noise on communication, with the slogan “Noise in communication? No connection!” With this slogan, INAD Brazil aims to highlight the relationship between excessive noise and the difficulty of communicating and connecting with people and the world around us.

Excessive noise can impair hearing health, cause stress, anxiety, headache, dizziness, irritability, digestive problems, and lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases, among others. Moreover, continuous exposure to high levels of noise can result in concentration problems, learning difficulties, insomnia, and even mental health problems.

Loud noise can affect communication because it can distort or mask important information and impair message comprehension, besides forcing people to speak louder, which can trigger vocal problems.

The campaign seeks to raise awareness among the population about the importance of preserving sound quality in the workplace, in cities, and at home, as well as encouraging the use of equipment and technologies that reduce noise levels and preserve hearing health. Additionally, the campaign also aims to promote a culture of respect for hearing health and communication, so that we can enjoy a healthier and more connected life.

This year’s campaign seeks to raise awareness among the population about the negative impact of noise on communication and how it affects not only health but also the ability to connect with others and comprehend information. The slogan “Noise in communication? No connection!” (or Ruído na comunicação? Todos sem conexão! in Portuguese) emphasizes the importance of preserving communication quality and protecting hearing health to maintain the connection with the world around us.

In 2023, the symbol day will be April 26th! 🔖 Make a note in your agenda, there will be 60 seconds of silence between 2:15 PM and 2:16 PM, to highlight the impact of excessive noise in our lives.

How was the art created?

The art for INAD Brazil 2023 was partly developed using artificial intelligence (AI). The process of creating images with AI is an interesting one and increasingly accessible.

We are always keeping an eye on technological advancements to make it easier to raise awareness, understand and disseminate knowledge about noise and its effects.

For INAD Brazil 2023, the creation of images began with the development of colors, content (theme and slogan), and keywords. The study of human themes, noise pollution, cities, double exposure techniques, vibrant colors, clouds, and watercolor techniques followed. Finally, basic images of Mari and Gui were created using AI. The second stage involved composing the images in Photoshop, fine-tuning, and correcting them to capture our attention. The third stage involved designing the materials for various formats and applications such as Instagram, A3 posters, banners, etc.

With the support of AI and the parameters that underpin the campaign, our national coordinator, engineer, professor, and also an artist, Will Fonseca, created Gui and Mari to communicate the theme and slogan of INAD Brazil 2023! 😊

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